RDJFA Guidelines During Practice or Competition:


COVID Questionnaires: No Player or Coach will be allow on the field unless their COVID Questionnaire is handed in. In the case they do not have one, a coaches would be allowed to fill one out before going on the field. The players parent/guardian must fill one out before the player would be allowed on the field. Another parent CAN NOT fill one out for a player that is not their child.


Attendance & Temperature Checks: All Coaches and players will need to “Check in” prior to going on the field for attendance and Temperature check.


Practice Times: Will be limited to one team on the field at a time to avoid overlapping practices times and limit the amount of players, coaches and parents at the field at one time.


Social-distancing: Players, coaches, and spectators should remain 6-feet apart whenever possible.


Coaches/Trainers/Spectators Must wear face-coverings at all times when 6-feet of distance is not possible.  Gloves are optional. Spectators will be encouraged to wear face coverings.


Players: Do not need to wear face-coverings when actively participating in vigorous activity during practice or a game. Players are encouraged to wear face coverings when not engaging in vigorous activity or are in close-contact areas where distancing is not feasible (i.e. bench and sideline area).


Players are permitted to wear a face-covering any time if the player or their parent/guardian/caretaker deem it necessary.


Players should maintain social distancing in the bench and sideline area.


Players, coaches and referees should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.


Players and coaches should avoid all but the essential contact necessary during practice or games.


Nonessential contact is prohibited (no touching, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, etc.)


Equipment should not be shared.


Limit the amount of “huddles” and/or duration of “huddle” time during


Food is not permitted to be shared.


Game balls should be wiped with disinfectant wipes before and after each possession throughout the game.